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All those struggles I learned from them, and I grew! The power to change! Steven Quartz Universe is the titular main protagonist of the show of the same name. He is the son of Greg Universe and Rose Quartzthe only known hybrid of a human and a Gem steven universe adult steven, and the first Crystal Gem of human descent.

As a result of his parentage, Steven is an extraordinarily unique being with innate powers beyond that of both normal humans and Gems. While he was only a child, Steven steadily grew from a tag-along to the Crystal Gems into the team's unofficial leader thanks to his kind-hearted nature and resourcefulness.

While the threat of the Diamonds no longer looms, Steven has resolved to always be on guard for more threats to humanity and Gemkind. He is relatively short with a thick, steven universe adult steven, stocky build. He has curly dark brown hair and full black irises, which can sometimes have stars as the pupils when he gets excited or optimistic, steven universe adult steven. He wears a salmon-pink T-shirt with a gold star in the center of it.

He also wears cuffed blue jeans and salmon-pink flip-flop sandals. His gemstone, a pink diamond, which he inherited from his mother, is where his navel should be. As of Steven Universe: The MovieSteven has aged physically, having grown slightly taller and now having a physical neck. He still keeps his blue jeans and red sandals, but his shirt is now a bright blue color with a yellow star in the center, and he also wears a pink varsity jacket with white trims.

Steven looks up to his caretakers — GarnetAmethystand Pearl — and considers them family. He wants to be a great hero just like them, and he steven universe adult steven eager to go on adventures with the trio, both to prove his worth and to have fun exploring strange lands. Despite his under-developed magical power and lack of experience, he has proven himself to have much heroic potential through his resourcefulness, optimism, and confidence.

Steven is rather naive and socially oblivious, due to his isolated upbringing by the Gems. Steven has never attended a school, and before " Nightmare Hospital " had never been in a hospital or had his vitals taken.

While Steven is often prepared to go on adventures at a moment's notice, he has a habit of biting off more than he can steven universe adult steven, requiring the other Gems to intervene. While Steven initially retains his childlike innocence and obliviousness to the dangers he is frequently put in, his encounter with the Homeworld Gems gives him a new level of seriousness about being a Crystal Gem. This initially makes Steven self-conscious about his immaturity, and he gains resolve to outgrow it, although his misguided attempt becomes a source of self-inflicted misery as he tries to break off his friendship with Connie to protect her from harm, steven universe adult steven.

It was only Connie's sensible steven universe adult steven that stops him from going down a bad road and balances his resolve. Steven has since grown more mature and level-headed in dealing with strenuous situations, but his enthusiasm has remained the same. His maturity has grown to new levels as he helps Lapis Lazuli and Peridot acclimate to Earth and continues to hone his powers. He is now more willing to fight than before to aid and protect his friends, though he is still willing to help anyone in need — even enemies, as seen when he steven universe adult steven to heal Jasper from creeping corruption in " Earthlings ".

Unfortunately this has also gotten him in trouble, as shown in " Bubbled " and " Room for Ruby ", where trying to befriend Eyeball and accept Navy as new member of the Crystal Gems have ended badly: Eyeball tried to kill him when she believed that he was Rose Quartz due to having healing powers, and Navy turned out to have been lying to him the whole time in revenge.

A great example is in "Bismuth" and throws something at her and yells, "Look out! It's very insightful to who Steven is. Violence is always the last resort. He'll always try to talk it out for better or for worse, steven universe adult steven, it doesn't always go the way he wants it to.

Like his mother, he appears to be very charismatic; for example, easing a raging crowd in " Political Power ", and motivating his friends and father into working out and helping Pearl to find her strength to fight Sugilite in " Coach Steven ".

His genuine kindness, sincerity, and capacity for empathy let him inspire friendship, trust, and love from most of the people he meets which enables him to mend others' inner turmoil and reach others who are otherwise closed off, most noticeably in the cases of Peridot and Lapis Lazuli, steven universe adult steven.

But the truth is, we rely on you. Your voice inspires us, binds us, reminds steven universe adult steven why we promised to protect the planet. You need to be that voice. For them. Steven is shown to have unique tastes in entertainment. He enjoys Crying Breakfast Friends! Despite his naivety in steven universe adult steven aspects, Steven still has a more grounded and practical outlook than his three caretakers, often correcting them on normal human interactions.

Despite frequently going on many fantastic adventures, Steven retains a tendency to be easily impressed. He is quickly enamored with Bill Dewey's playuntil Jamie points out its flaws. While Steven is typically friendly and kind-hearted by nature, Steven's enthusiasm and excitability can get out of hand, and he ends up doing more harm than good.

When this happens, steven universe adult steven, he can be anywhere between obnoxious, steven universe adult steven, overbearing, and simply rude. Steven tends to let his inhibitions go out the window when doing steven universe adult steven theatrical, as seen in " Tiger Millionaire ", " Steven and the Stevens ", and " Sadie's Song ".

His steven universe adult steven Tiger Millionaire is the best example of Steven letting his passionate side get the better of him. The one and only time he has shown true anger and prejudice toward someone is Kevin in " Beach City Drift " for the way he treats Stevonnie. His dislike and desire to best Kevin lead him to fuse with Connie, and the anger Stevonnie inherits is strong enough that they hallucinate, causing the fusion to fall apart.

It is Connie's sensible nature that convinces him to let his anger go. Deep down, Steven feels guilt over his mother not being around, and a feeling of inferiority over not being able to live up to her reputation. He is unwilling to talk about this with the Gems due to thinking they blame him for Rose being gone.

The only people he has opened up to about it are Amethyst, Bismuthand the Cool Kids. He told Amethyst that the reason he is working so hard is that he is not Rose Quartz, and told Bismuth that he does not think he can live up to his mother's standards in the Gems' eyes.

In " Mindful Education ", it is revealed that Steven harbors guilt over the unfortunate events upon Bismuth, Jasper, and Eyeball. Like his guilt over Rose, he tries to keep these worries secluded in his heart and tries not to think about it, convincing himself he had no other choice.

After it is revealed by Eyeball in " Back to the Moon " that Rose Quartz "shattered" Pink DiamondSteven becomes more independent and rebellious towards the other Crystal Gems and their authority over what he is supposed to know.

In " Steven's Dream ", he openly argues with Garnet for not telling him why he shouldn't find the broken Palanquin, figure out his dream, and learn why he is shedding a constant flow of tears. As he discovers more about his mother and the effects her actions had, he starts to show both anger towards her and guilt over what she did, steven universe adult steven. These feelings come to steven universe adult steven head in " Are You My Dad?

However, when Rose Quartz's crime comes into question, Steven was shocked upon the revelation of the flaws in his mother's crime and the possibility of a Diamond being responsible for Pink Diamond's death instead of Rose Quartz. Matt Burnett and Ben Levin have stated that he learned he was wrong about who Rose was, and wonders whether he has to carry the moral grayness that she had or if he can be stronger and different. He tells Amethyst in " What's Your Problem?

Learning about his mom, things he didn't realize, things aren't as they seem, steven universe adult steven, it's hard for him to process all that. That's a big dynamic for Steven as the show goes on. He just wanted to meet his mom at first. He had all these questions about who she was and know that he knows he wishes he didn't in a lot of ways.

He still doesn't know definitive answers about a lot of things. He was especially frustrated when the Gems wouldn't always tell him the truth about things or how things really were, steven universe adult steven. That's going to be a struggle for Steven for a while.

At this point, because I don't know the whole story, I can't say. I don't think Steven knows if he can at this point. With this, Steven decides to embrace his mother's old role on Homeworld in order to help convince White Diamond to cure the corrupted Gems on Earth. He is capable of using Gem magic, though it steven universe adult steven unknown if he possesses all the abilities of a pure Gem, such as retreating to their gemstone when taking fatal damage.

As associated with his gemstone, Steven's powers are maternal in nature and his control of his gemstone is based on emotional clarity. Steven has shown to have some abilities of a regular Gem, but sometimes has little control over them due to not receiving enough training. He can warp using the Warp Pads and bubble objects and gemstones to be teleported to the Temple with seemingly full control. He is not strictly oxygen-dependent and is vacuum-resistant as shown in " Ocean Gem " and " Space Race ".

He also shows that he is able to fuse, as he can fuse with Connie to form Stevonnie. While in the beginning, they tend to fuse spontaneously when they dance and while thinking about each other, by "Beach City Drift" they fuse and re-fuse into Stevonnie at will, steven universe adult steven. Furthermore, he has also been shown to be able to steven universe adult steven with other Gems as well, as he first fused with Amethyst to form Smoky Quartz in "Earthlings".

However, this ability to fuse is only possible through his gem and training, and once his gemstone was affected by Spinel's scythe, fusing with his father proved to be extremely exhausting for Steven and severely weakened him since he lost the power and focus he originally had. Steven is also capable of shapeshifting, but he has not yet learned to fully control it.

His first attempt in " Cat Fingers " was disastrous, temporarily turning him into a cat monster. He has not been able to change his form entirely but can freely shapeshift parts of his body as seen in " Too Short to Ride ". His greatest feat in shapeshifting is seen in " Steven's Birthday ", where he is able to use shapeshifting to make himself appear older. Despite his happy-go-lucky and cheerful attitude, he shows himself to be a competent shield fighter and is able to hold his own in most situations with his skill consistently increasing due to practice, steven universe adult steven.

The final battle with Spinel in Steven Universe: The Movie shows him at the peak of his abilities as he fights her one on one, showing that he has grown exceptionally skilled since he was a child, able to either withstand or counter everything Spinel throws at him. Despite being educated in an isolated environment and never attending conventional school, he possesses a good deal of knowledge not only on general topics, steven universe adult steven, but also in scientific and technical fields like physics, chemistry, and geography due to being educated by the highly intellectual Pearl.

However, due to the Crystal Gems' own obliviousness about some human activities, he is quite oblivious about some social terms, like "nuclear family", steven universe adult steven. The steven universe adult steven example is during his conversation with Connie about a family gathering in which Connie mentions the concept of a nuclear family, which makes Steven think that she thinks the Crystal Gems are radioactive.

Another example is that when Connie introduces Steven to her favorite novel series, Steven had no idea about the order of the books in the series and was reading them out of order.

Steven acts as the support character in Steven Universe: Attack the Light. He is unable to be damaged and carries the items for the team. He sports the most moves in the whole team. However, none of his moves cause damage, except for the counter for Bubble Shield. Steven is the most durable character in Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers.

However, he is one of the slowest and can not jump high. He is unlocked on the first level and will gradually gain more abilities as he levels up.


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steven universe adult steven


Adult Comics Pictures of Steven Fucking Universe (Steven universe). Online Sex Gallery free at Porncomixonline. Steven Universe adult hentai flash list page 1 Best Sex Games Hentai Flash Games Sex Games Hentai Hentai Diaries. HOME CATEGORIES LIST AUTHORS HOT GAMES TOP GAMES ALL GAMES RANDOM GAMES. simulation dress up loli game loop furry funny futanari catgirl schoolgirl stocking x-ray. Steven Universe is a coming-of-age story told from the perspective of Steven, the youngest member of the Crystal Gems, a team of magic guardians who protect Earth. The animated series was conceived as part of the "Shorts Development Initiative" at Cartoon Network Studios, and is created by Emmy and Annie Award-nominated writer and storyboard artist, Rebecca Sugar, Cartoon Network's first solo.